Saturday, August 29, 2009

We grow things!

I've never managed to successfully grow anything. It probably doesn't help that among other things I'm allergic to grass. Every now and then though I get struck with an urge to try again so a month and a half ago I pulled all the weeds out of the window box I bought a few years ago during my last "let's grow things" phase. (That one was spoiled by a cat who liked to sit on the herbs I planted). I planted some butter crunch lettuce and like magic it grew!
Isn't it pretty?

For good measure I've also got some basil

And together they help to make really tasty pizza:

This was topped with pesto, provolone cheese, heirloom tomato, mushrooms, butter crunch and arugula and a bit of parmesan cheese. It was an attempt to replicate one of the flatbreads from the California Grill during the last Disney World trip and if not exact, it was still really good.

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