Sunday, August 30, 2009

New toy means more Pie.

I bought my first (and quite possibly last) piece of kitchenware from William Sonoma last weekend after Crate and Barrel failed me by not carrying a pastry cutter. In honor of my new toy (and the continued sale on peaches) I made blackberry peach pie. Since I was already baking and had some cream to use up I also made cream scones which you can see behind the finished pie. There's even a hungry dog eying them in the background. I made the crust with milk instead of water this time and can't actually say that there was much difference in the taste although the dough itself handled a bit differently. Also I added both tapioca and corn starch and the pie juices thickened much better this time around. Some of that may also have been that I actually let this pie cool before slicing it.

1 comment:

  1. Did the tapioca do more than just the cornstarch? I forgot cornstarch on my peach-basil the other day, and it came out not too soupy, although I did let it sit and cool for about 8 hours before cutting. Your lattice work is very impressive!