Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We start with Pie.

Pie is tasty.
I didn't actually come to this conclusion until about a year and a half ago. I'm not sure why because obviously...pie = yum. But better late than never!
I've spent the winter and spring and now that it is finally summer (even if it won't stop raining) so I'm going to start out by presenting the various pies.

The backstory is that I had never really baked before. Occasionally I'd made cookies, but to be honest half the time they came out of the premade roll of dough. I have a friend who makes amazing baked things, but she doesn't make pie. So when I decided it was time to learn to bake, I figured pie was going to be where I start. I wanted a project. Not that I don't have enough open projects (which hopefully as they are finished I'll post here) and pie is intimidating. But if housewives of old could do it, there's no reason I couldn't. Even if my kitchen is smaller than most people's walk in closets.

I think that the very first pie I ever made was back when I was in middle school and my youth group went apple picking and then baked pies. My only real memory of this event was that they didn't have enough rolling pins and that I was such a klutz that the glass I was using to roll with rolled on the floor and shattered. Perhaps not an auspicious start.

This past fall my friend Jason invited me out to go apple picking with his sister who was home from college and wanted pie. I missed out on the apple picking but had a great time making pie filling. We used pie crusts from the refrigerator. They are tasty too.

Once I decided I was going to do pie at home I took baby steps towards my own homemade pie crusts. First was the refrigerated already rolled out crusts. Then I moved on to "pie crust in a box - just add water". Then I started experimenting with crusts from scratch.

So the next few posts will be about pie as I present to you some of the pie experiments of this year.