Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haiku Tuesday and a flood

After the flood stops
many loads of laundry lead
to odd drying spots.

I've finally gotten around to washing everything that was in my closet when I discovered there had been a leak two apartments above mine that my management company (Vantage Management for those of you keeping track or looking for a landlord to avoid) had neglected to properly deal with by finding out how far the damage had gone. There were gallons of water in my closet that sat there for a couple of days. Sadly a great deal of stuff was damaged including a bunch of fabric and some dresses that had the colors run because they sat in the water. I'm still fighting to get the management company to at least pay for part of the damages. Of course it is now 3 weeks later and they haven't returned my calls or responded to the certified letter I sent. So stay tuned....

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