Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Pie Dish!

Shortly before I went away on vacation I got a belated birthday present of a fabulous new pie dish. I believe it came from Anthropologie. I think this brings up my grand total of pie dishes I own to six or possibly seven. Either way plenty to make an all pie Thanksgiving meal again if I decide to do that. Of course it may also be the start of an obsession with novelty pie dishes.

I was excited to use the dish for the first time the moment I go it. The only trouble was that I didn't actually have anything to make pie out of at the time since I was about to go out of town. Not that this would ever stop me. Instead of traditional pie in the new dish, I give you brownie pie.I love brownie mix and always have some in the house for just such occasions. Now I know it even makes great pie.

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