Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Many Vegetables!

Today I signed up for the Sunnyside CSA program and I am super duper excited. I'm looking forward to making all kinds of savory vegetable pies. I only got the vegetable share for this year which I'm splitting with a friend because I'm not entirely sure how much volume it will actually be. They also offer a fruit share which was intriguing for pie making purposes, but we'll see how the vegetables go for this season.

I haven't had a CSA share since my second year in college. Back then though I didn't really know how to cook more than a few dishes and neither did any of the people I was living with. I remember we would get piles and piles of leeks and no one knew what to do with them so we'd stick them in flower vases all around the mod. Now I would love to have leeks all the time, so hopefully that won't happen. The jury is out on what I am going to do with all the greens though.

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